Best Budget Knives: Swords on AliExpress - Best place to buy affordable Katana and more!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Swords on AliExpress - Best place to buy affordable Katana and more!

If you seek for a real, good quality, but affordable sword - you have to check out
They have a lot of swords on the site, therefore I picked a few stores, that have good reviews and feedback.
I would like to present them to you:

One recommended place to buy all kinds of swords is the Kult of Athena store.
Have great selection and very competitive prices.
Link to the store:

1. Brandon Swords - The best place to buy a katana sword on Ali in my opinion, has great reviews, good communication and detailed description.
Link to the store:

2. Mysterious Knight - Has great selection of products, prices are high, but so seems to be the quality.
Has great detailed descriptions and pictures.
Link to the store:

3. True swords - another great store, prices are lower and has not only katanas, but also more budget swords.
Link to the store:

4. Chinese famous sword - has great selection and great pricing.
Link to the store:

5. Japanese Samurai Sword - this one is all about the Katana and has good selection of them.
Link to the store:

6. Swordlab - this one is the most interesting store, has sword canes and other cool devices. If you are looking for an original gift - this is the place to go.
Link to the store:

Hope this post will help someone find the right sword.

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