Best Budget Knives: Vespa Made Shirogorov Neon Style Knife - Titanium Frame, S35VN Blade - One of the most favorite clones is back on AliExpress!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Vespa Made Shirogorov Neon Style Knife - Titanium Frame, S35VN Blade - One of the most favorite clones is back on AliExpress!

From the respected Vespa brand comes one of the best clones of recent months - the Shirogorov designed Neon. This is the second and improved version of this knife - Vespa fixed all the problems with the first model and upgraded the steel to S35VN instead of D2.

This knife sold out, but a budget version could be found here: Budget D2 Neon


Blade adopts S35VN, Satin,pure manual processing, Handle with titanium alloy, hollow out processing, convenient to carry.
Adopt ceramic bead surface bearing, ,opening and closing is very smooth.Product quality is very good, please rest assured purchase!

Brand: VESPA
Length: 192 mm
Blade length: 83 mm
Blade thickness: 3.5 MM
Shank length: 109 mm
Blade material: S35VN
Handle material: Titanium 
Hardness:58-60 HRC
Weight: 100 g
Packing:  cloth cover


  1. This one's my knife of the year - got it in January and can't afford another one this year ;)
    If so I'd try a Zieba front flipper clone.

    Had to add some tension to the frame lock though...

    My second favourity high-end copy would be the Kevin John Ti-Lock btw...

    Maybe someday I can try the KJ small Sebenza...

    1. Fine choices my friend :)
      I myself am still on the hunt for the KJ XM-18.

  2. That one's too big for me and with the Kershaw Cryo I proved to myself that I'm not a fan of Mr Hinderer's designs. When you have it you should post a review though.
    How many of the knives in your blog do you own (or have owned)?

    1. I have a budget copy of the XM18, and I surprisingly like it a lot (more than I liked the Cryo, that's for sure).
      I have owned a lot of knives from the blog, but I buy and sell constantly, trying to limit myself to 10 pieces I like most (kind of an elimination going on), so the hobby won't get out of hand.
      I will soon make a video about my current collection on my YouTube channel.

    2. I'd be glad if I could do it your way but I can't really sell my stuff to anyone here in SAK-land so I have to buy them, play with them (new scales, de-assist, etc.) till I like them or destroyed them :P

  3. I know this is an older post but would you know where I can find this knife now? Not available anywhere I look...! Thanks man

    1. Sorry, I think it is sold out everywhere, both versions.
      If I will see one - I will update.

    2. Thanks man! I really regret not getting this one especially because I had the money at the time and instead bought the titanium Shiro 111 and some Ganzos.

    3. Also...don't you think these manufacturers would benefit from offering more knives in this size range? I feel like most of their knives are a little to big for EDC in the US.

    4. Yeah, the Neon was a perfect size for EDC.
      I really hope they will be making more of those, especially the D2 version with the improvements of the S35VN one.

    5. YES!! We're on the same page man.

  4. Same here, the Neon has the perfect size for my "S" sized hands ;)
    If you like the size you might try the Spyderco Caly 3 or the Camillus 18669.

  5. I have word this will be released again. Maybe even m390 steel. I hope the price is still somewhat reasonable...this one was $125? $115? I'd take S35VN if it kept the cost down.

  6. Turns out the Neon was re-released but the M390 steel makes it pretty pricey. I'd still love to find the S35VN if it's less expensive.