Best Budget Knives: YouTube Knife Channels - The best video knife content (in my opinion) to subscribe to and watch!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

YouTube Knife Channels - The best video knife content (in my opinion) to subscribe to and watch!

I would like to share with you a list of my favorite knife channels on YouTube.
This list contains channels, that I am personally subscribed to, and is based on my honest, uninfluenced opinion.
This will exclude popular channels (like nutnfancy, CutleryLover etc), that although I'm a subscriber - I'm sure most knife and gear lovers are subscribed to those channels anyway.
I choose to focus on the guys, who are doing a great job and give interesting and entertaining content, do great GAW but are underappreciated.

Also, because of the theme of the blog - I would like to include and mention channels, that are focused on Chinese knives and replicas.
I will divide the channels by the language and post in alphabetical order - this is not in any way a rating.
This is my tribute and a big THANK YOU for hours of knife videos - keep doing great work!

English Knife Channels (
in alphabetical order):
1. Advanced Knife Bro - love his style and humor.
2. BirdShot IV - awesome, relatively new channel, have some great content.
3. LuvThemKnives - One of the leaders in the Chinese knife segment.
4. KnifeKrazy - has great reviews and customization ideas.
5. KnifeCollector031 The Netherlands - has great variety and quality of content.
6. MarLam knives - relatively new channel, but I love what I've seen so far.
7. Stefan Schmalhaus - awesome quality videos.
8. troman5000 - does great reviews.
9. Wavester64 - great channel, gives out consistent content.

Russian Knife Channels(in alphabetical order):
1. asznam
2. Col. Zorin
4. Tactical+

5. Yeti521454
6. Александр Святов
7. Сергей JUK

French Knife Channel:
1. China Knives

If you are also subscribed to those channels - like and share this with your friends and help these guys get more subscribers and receive more appreciation for their awesome work.
If you watch and like some knife channels, that are not on the list - please write them in the comments - I would like to check them out!
Stay sharp!


  1. Lt Survival in english and french fairly new to chinese knife review and some more

  2. Thank you for this awesome Shoutout

  3. Spain knife channel: NAVAJERO KNIVES (specializing in Chinese knife and ganzo collaborator)

  4. Thanks for the shoutout here, it means a lot!

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