Best Budget Knives: The Noks style knife - New kind of balisong?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Noks style knife - New kind of balisong?

This one is a very interesting knife.
It is based on the concept of the Russian maker Noks knives and is basically a kind of balisong.

It needs to be opened with 2 hands and has no lock (except the strength of the palm, which can hold it pretty solid), so it might be considered legal in many countries.
The blade is carved from a solid piece of rectangular steel and is placed in the knife at a 45 degree angle. It also has a point on the other side, so the knife can be used as a glass breaker or a striking tool when closed. 
The handles are also made from steel and supposedly have a titanium coating. The knife will come in 2 color choices - black and grey.

This is definitely an unusual, interesting knife that will diversify any collection.

Check it out here:

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