Best Budget Knives: Kevin John New Small Sebenza Regular With Wood and CF Inlays - This is how you disproof rumors!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kevin John New Small Sebenza Regular With Wood and CF Inlays - This is how you disproof rumors!

There has been a little speculation lately about Kevin John. A provocative video has been released on YouTube suggesting Kevin John and Carson have sold their knife-manufacturing businesses and moved to other things, explained by the quality drops of their products.
Carson answered by publishing a photo of him with his knives, thus dis proofing the video and it's sources. Kevin John answered in actions - he just released new knives - the M390 Venom, Venom New Concept and also a couple of clone Sebenzas.
I think everyone in the Chinese knife community are glad that the info given in the video proved to be false and both of these great makers will continue to cheer us with their awesome knives.
And about the Sebenza - the same awesome quality, great materials and no logo clone of the discontinued model with a change in design - in the best Kevin John traditions. 

Check out the new KJ Small Sebenza Regular here:
Sebenza 21 Small here:


  1. I love the K. John Sebenza clones but just wish they were priced a little bit better. I know Sarila has the "standard" Sebenza for around $68 but that model is my least favorite. Want the 21 but just can't afford the $109 price tag...will just have to wait and hope it drops soon. Thanks again for your updates man...your blog is great! Do some more YouTube vids!! :)

    1. Thanks for your support, my friend, I really appreciate it! KJ's knives are priced like this, because it became a known brand by now and because of the great quality, so people are willing to pay those prices.
      I too am waiting for them to make a large 21 with micarta inlays, that is my favorite Sebenza model so far.