Best Budget Knives: RealSteel Knives - Real Steel, Real Brand, Real Quality knife (and it's relations to Sanrenmu and Carson)!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

RealSteel Knives - Real Steel, Real Brand, Real Quality knife (and it's relations to Sanrenmu and Carson)!

Today I want to tell you about Realsteel knives.
The brand was created in 2013 by the same people who brought you Sanrenmu knives.
Those folks saw the factory, that produced good quality OEM knives for American companies and cheap, but well made budget "original" design knives and thoughty it could be something bigger.
At first, they based on the same designers, that produced Sanrenmu original knives, the most known of them is Liang Gang, that designed some of SRM's best known models. That is the reason that some of RealSteel's designs look a lot like the Sanrenmu models (probably are the same, but with different branding).
Their breakthrough (in my opinion) came when they started working with Huang Liang Zhi, better known by the name Carson (Tech Labs). His designs were well known to the people who are interested in Chinese knives, but the quality of his knives is incredible, and second to none (maybe except some of Kevin John work).
Together they made an aluminium version of the Carson Griffin and also released his boiling flipper design under the name Megalodon (probably just put RealSteel logo on the Carson made knife).
There has been some conspiracy on YouTube lately, claiming that Carson has sold his knifemaking factory to RealSteel, but that information was proven to be wrong and was just speculation of one specific Youtuber with big imagination. Carson himself took a photo with his knives to prove this wrong.
Check out RealSteel knives here:
Real Carson Boiling Flipper:
Sanrenmu knives here:


  1. I've got a Real Steel Griffin not long ago for €40, new but the box was torn a bit - on the inside - I can live with that.
    The blade came sharper than any knife out of box before, I tend to like the Sandvik steel. Playing with the rather unusual button lock is fun but I just learned that it's an illegal item in many countries as it can be considered a gravity knife. I couldn't care less but I guess I won't bring it to Germany again...


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