Best Budget Knives: Rexford Z T 0801 CF Style Knife Clone: Limited edition - no such thing in China!

Friday, October 7, 2016

Rexford Z T 0801 CF Style Knife Clone: Limited edition - no such thing in China!

Limited editions in my opinion are the illness of the knife world.

When companies do them, they are saying - we are making 100 pieces of this knife, but we have announced it before and brought the hype up (by sending it to YouTubers and bloggers), so now many people want them - and if you want one - you better buy now and pay a lot. Just pushing those sensitive collector's buttons saying - you are going to be sorry when this hits the secondary market, because then you'll pay twice as much.

I even have a theory, that some of the knives are not sold instantly through dealers, but are kept by the companies, their employees or some cooperating dealers and the whole "sold out" thing is just part of the hype. When the prices go up on the secondary market - they just sell the remaining pieces and make even more money on each knife.

ZT0801CF was just one of those knives. It had amazing bronzed finish, CF inlays and cutout on the middle of the handle that made it look awesome! Too bad it was sold out, and many of us didn't have a chance to own it...
Good thing there is no such thing as limited edition in China!
And it was of course Ben from Ben's Shop who made this happen.

Check out the knife here:


  1. What's up man...the links you've been posting are the Russian version

    1. Hi, I've checked, the links are to the Global site, but Ali does that sometimes...
      Just add the product to wish list and then push "Go to Global site" at the top right corner of the page, it will be back in English and you could access the product again through the wish list.

  2. What's up man? Do you know what happened to Dicoria?? Every item on their store page says "SOLD OUT"...

  3. Yeah, they received a strike from AliExpress a while ago and moved to the Ben's knife shop (same owner, calls himself Ben).