Best Budget Knives: Stedemon Knife Company (including ZKC, Maxace) - Ambitious knives, awesome quality!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Stedemon Knife Company (including ZKC, Maxace) - Ambitious knives, awesome quality!

Stedemon Knife Company have been around for quite some time.
Different from many other Chinese knife companies, they didn't start from making clones, but produced their own original (and pretty special) designs from the start, and they keep doing it till now.
They specialize on CNC'd titanium for their premium models, aluminium for the mid-range and G10 for their budget line. Their designs seem to have that really clean, classic look that many of the knife fans like, and it's apparent the designers really know what they are doing.
The names of  many of their models usually have a marine theme (Deep Sea Monster, Deep Sea Giant).
Recently, 2 more subsidiaries of the Stedemon have emerged. First is Maxace, which are quite similar to the Stedemon in the overall feel and materials used, but are believed to be designed by different designers and made in another factory (with the same, if not better quality levels). Another, newer one is ZKC (Zone Knife Company) Knives, which, as they claim on the pocket clip, are designed by Stedemon and are made in the same factory, but under different brand.
Stedemon Knives have recently moved to the American market and their knives have almost completely disappeared from AliExpress and DHGate, but can be still found in the excellent Vespa store (former ChinaHighEndEDC).

Check Stedemon + ZKC knives here:

Maxace can be found here:

Waved DSG model - Tanto:
                              Drop point:

Maxace Wind on AliExpress:


  1. I would like to know what the company website is for Stedemon, even if it is a .cn website. If you know it please share it with us.

    1. Hi Jake,
      As far as I know they don't have a website, but they do reply on their Facebook page: