Best Budget Knives: New Knives - Holiday for all Chinese knives lovers!

Friday, November 11, 2016

New Knives - Holiday for all Chinese knives lovers!

Some new knives have been released:

1. Farid K2 style knife: This one was long anticipated after the Slysz Bowie clone was out.
Has full ti handle and longer, meaner looking blade.
Check it out here:
BTW - the original model has been discontinued by Spyderco, but is still available on Amazon: 
Spyderco C185TIP K-2 Titanium Folding Knife, Titanium, 4.54-Inch

2. SOG Twitch 2 style: Dr. House's knife from the House MD series. Compact assisted flipper with G10 scales will make an excellent EDC knife.
Check it out here:

3. Z T 0801 CF Style - The all-around favorite knife is now released in an affordable version with steel handles for less than $35.
Check it out here: 

4. CKF Morff copy: Budget version of a great knife from CKF. Has G10 handles and a linerlock.
Check it out here:

5. RAD Knives Field Cleaver Mini Clone with milled handles is on sale again here:

BTW - Fidget cubes are now on sale for less than $9!
Get yours here:

Happy shopping to all!

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