Best Budget Knives: Benchmake 940 943 Carbon Fiber Knife - One of the best EDC knives ever cloned!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Benchmake 940 943 Carbon Fiber Knife - One of the best EDC knives ever cloned!

After hoping to see Ganzo make a knife that is similar to the Benchmade 940/943 and getting the G756 model, I almost lost all hope that I will get to experience the awesome Osborne design.
But now Ben and his buddies have decided to step up and make this clone in both versions and in the best configuration possible - carbon fiber scales with standoffs.
The blade steel is listed S90V (like on the original CF version), but it is probably just D2. 
One thing I didn't like about this is that they left the original logo, I would really like for it to arrive sterile without any original markings at all, as I don't like the whole "Better for resell" BS.
Anyway - the knife seems to be nicely done, and is a great opportunity to try the awesome Osborne design.
Check out the knife here: Benchmake 940/943
The original one is sold here: Benchmade 940
Or here: Benchmade 943


  1. I feel like you, I'd like a sterile version more.
    Or like with Kevin John knives without logos but their name on it...

  2. By the way, I'd be very interested in a comparison original vs clones. The original seems to be a "folding scalpel" with a fine and thin blade, clones are often more about the looks with too thick blade stock.
    After some reviews I think i'll have a hard time to decide between the 940 and the Magic Mnandi...

    1. Great comparison between the two: