Best Budget Knives: Ganzo 753 G753 CF G7533CF (Sandwitched Carbon Fiber G10 Laminate) Review - Premium knife on a budget!

Friday, December 2, 2016

Ganzo 753 G753 CF G7533CF (Sandwitched Carbon Fiber G10 Laminate) Review - Premium knife on a budget!

I finally received my Ganzo G7533CF knife, and would like to tell you my thoughts about it.
Doing this I will try not to repeat all other reviews, that were done by pretty much everyone online.
First of all I liked the new packaging, especially the new Firebird branded microfiber cloth that now comes instead of the previous low quality one.
Out of the box impressions - the knife came pretty stiff, although oiled and pretty hard to disengage, due to the hard springs of the Axis lock. Sharpness out of the box was great, so was the cutting edge symmetry. One thing I noticed right out of the box was the knife's excellent fit and finish, a rare thing to see on a sub $20 blade.
Because the knife was stiff - I gave it my new-knife-treatment - disassembly, cleaning of the factory oil. polishing the washers (and the blade tang) and tweaking. The knife had 2 washers - one was nylon and the other made from a yellow metal (probably bronze) and the knife was pretty dirty inside. Also I understood what needed to be done to smoothen the knife - because of the coating the G7533 needed to be broken in longer than other blades. After I did all the procedures and opened/closed it about 200 times - the knife became much smoother (even the Axis lock became much softer).
1. The Firebird logo - definitely a plus, would be happy if it will replace the Ganzo logo completely.
2. The grey coating - doesn't look cheap and seems to be more durable than paint. Same coating is applied to the pocket clip and even the liners - that is a huge plus!
3. The geared G10 backspacer and the oversized lanyard hole - 2 definite keepers.
4. Lockup is excellent both ways, even when the blade runs smoothly.
5. Ergonomics and gimping are good.
6. The weight reducing cutouts in the liners - Finally they listened.
1. The centering is a bit off (not touching the liner).
- The blued hardware and the sandwitched Carbon Fiber G10 laminate - Was on the fence about both. I mean they look nice and done well, but I probably could live without any of them as in my opinion they disturb the overall look, especially when the Axis stayed silver color. Also - I would really like to see Ganzo put real CF scales on a knife, even if it will cost $10 more.
Overall - I really liked this knife, the fit and finish, the action and the attention to details. 
I believe it can make an excellent EDC knife, but also as an inexpensive gift or a first knife.
This is the most technologically advanced one in a while and I wish Ganzo will continue to improve and cheer us with their future products.

Knife can be found on Gearbest: CF versions -
                                              G10 versions -



  1. Imo they should offer a stonewashed version version, the coating is good for that. I had to do that because there was a ring visible from the removed thumb stud.
    Btw, if your axis lock knife still feels a bit rough then you can screw (or clamp) the liners and file/polish the upper area where the locking bolt is gliding on.
    If you don't like the blue color, take a lighter with a jet flame and heat the screws till they turn grey.
    You won't ruin the hardness, screws are usually made of non-hardenable stainless steel.

    I like the hammer symbol and the Ganzo name more, Firebird sounds same generic as "Real Steel Knives" to me and the symbol is looking a bit archaic (and communis ;) ) to me but I wish they'd print their name to be in line when closed, that angle would look better even when opened...

    The axis bolt could be darker on this one but I believe that part is (or at least should be) hardened so I won't play with fire (pun intended). Maybe some ferric chloride would do the trick...

  2. Thanks for the review, purchased green version as my first knife. Later I found that G750 is probably even better (shape of the blade seems better for utility and the blade has thumbrest) but G753 will probably serve good as well :)

    1. It will serve you well, especially as an EDC knife.