Best Budget Knives: 0392 Style Titanium Flipper EDC No Logo Knife from AliExpress- Hinderer done better than Hinderer?

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

0392 Style Titanium Flipper EDC No Logo Knife from AliExpress- Hinderer done better than Hinderer?

Due to popular demand - I want to post a quick review of my 0392 clone knife.
It is  pretty awesome and I was pleasantly surprised when I got it.
1. Very smooth action - runs on bearings, falls when frame is disengaged.
2. Good fit and finish.
3. Very early but solid lockup.
4. Great symmetric grind on the stonewashed D2 blade.
5. Great flipper.
6. Awesome ti pocket clip.

1. Inconsistent anodizing on the screws.
2. T6 torx screws on the handle.
Other than that, it's an awesome knife, especially if you would like to try that awesome Hinderer design.

Knife can be found here: 0392 Style Titanium EDC Flipper
Other Hinderer style knives here: Hinderer designed knives


  1. do you like the 0392 or the A2 more?

    1. Still can't say, as I didn't receive the A2 yet, but I like the 0392 a lot, best Hinderer style clone yet in my opinion, and as a bonus it has no logo.

  2. What is the locking mechanism there? I don't see any signs of frame lock or liner lock...

    1. It's a frame lock (check out my video on YouTube).
      It is photo-shopped, due to the Ali knife laws, that don't allow to sell a locking blade.

    2. Thanks, pretty nice knife.

  3. Hi,
    Maybe you know who is manufacturer of this knife?
    It's new and no extra info found...

    1. Yeah, it's a replica of the Reate Horizon made by Wild Boar.
      It's not new, but relatively old, out of stock at most sellers.

    2. Thank you. I suppose the quality is not consistent as for most Wild Boar knives?

    3. It's pretty much the same as other Wild Boar knives, although they did improve slightly on their newer offerings, especially in QC.

  4. Very late comment but would you recommend the 0392 or the rike rk1701 seeing as they both have the same blade material but the 0392 being a lot cheaper.

    1. Probably not the same blade material on those, Rike has real S35VN, while the 0392 clone has 9Cr18MoV blade (which is also fine for most EDC tasks).

      I would recommend both, Rike is definitely made a lot better, but it is also a lot pricier.