Best Budget Knives: New model from Ganzo Firebird - Ganzo G759/Firebird F759 - Delica Style!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

New model from Ganzo Firebird - Ganzo G759/Firebird F759 - Delica Style!

Ganzo Firebird have finally released their new model - the Delica style G759/F759!
As of now, it is sold only on DHGate for ~$12 and comes in 2 colors (blue and green), but should soon appear on GearBest as well (probably for lower price too).
Check it out here: Ganzo G759/Firebird F759
Ganzo knives with fast US shipping: Ganzo/Firebird knives
Original Spyderco Delica is sold here: Spyderco Delica


  1. though it is not a delica clone, it is Byrd Meadowlark 2

    1. Meadowlark 2 shape (because of the choil), Delica colors :)

    2. Bottom line: This is a good option to the Spyderco Delica 4 or Byrd Meadowlark 2. I received my order of 3 (for the bulk discount). This is definitely based on the Byrd Meadowlark 2, which is functionally close to the Delica 4. The finger choil on the Meadowlark 2 or the Ganzo F759 gives up no blade length to the Delica 4 and the finger choil is very helpful. The jimping is adequate on the Ganzo F759, but not as grippy as the Delica 4. The Ganzo F759 has full nested steel liners that are skeletonized. Lockup is secure and has no movement when open. The backlock spring is strong but I can open and close the knife single handed without any special effort. When closed, all 3 of my Ganzo G759 knives are perfectly centered. They also have bronze bushings on both sides. Unlike the Spyderco FRN scales, the Ganzo F759 bumps are all gripier pulling. My Spyderco FRN knives are gripier pushing toward the front of the scale and pulling toward the back of the scale. This does not matter since I plan to do very little (or no) stabbing and the scales are grippy enough. The Ganzo F759 pocket clip is able to be positioned left/right with tip up or down. I put blue medium loctite on the screws though the pivots and pocket clips seem to have already been treated with a thread locker. The hardware did not seem soft, but I make sure my torx bits fit securely and I apply a fair amount of downward pressure. I think the female sides are D shaped since they did not spin, though I did not take them out to confirm that.

    3. Thank you very much for your feedback, you've made me want to buy this knife :)