Best Budget Knives: ADV Mini Butcher Clone Review - Awesome EDC Blade!

Friday, February 17, 2017

ADV Mini Butcher Clone Review - Awesome EDC Blade!

I have received this knife and would like to share with you my view on it.
First impressions:
The knife came in a plain white cardboard box, but packed well in bubble wrap.
Action out of the box was a little stiff (got better with time).
Arrived hair shaving sharp out of the box.
There were no visual faults in fit and finish.
After I used the knife for a few days:
- The Good - Very good quality, fit and finish. No blade-play at all, action is great (through the push-button flipper), has nice detent. Centering is great, but requires tweaking to get centered again if you unscrew the pivot.
- The Great - Details on this one are awesome - from the unique pivor screw (which also has a torx for easy maintenance), the holes in the handle, steel insert on the frame, the Hinderer frame stopper and the ti pocket clip - all are done very very well.
- The Bad - First of all the grind lines on the blade are not perfect. It's not really noticeable, but in a close inspection you can see the slight imperfection. Not for grind lines OCD people.
Another thing to consider are the ergonomics (not a flaw of the clone but of the original design as well) - not the best knife I ever held in hand. I mean it's very individual, but for my M sized hand it's not optimal and has a hotspot for the pinky finger. IMO for smaller or larger hands it will be much better. 
Also - it has pretty sharp gimping and blade edges.
- The Ugly - The blade mark says S35V, when in reality it has 9Cr18MoV. I mean the steel is good, but why to put a wrong mark om the blade? Just don't get it..
The Verdict: It is a great little EDC knife, very special and unique. About the quality - not a perfect one, and I wouldn't buy it for $400 but hands down the best knife I had for less than $50. If you seek for a small 3'' flipper cleaver - this one is for you!
Knife can be found here: Mini ADV Butcher clone
Genuine ADV knives can be found here: Andre de Villiers knives
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