Best Budget Knives: Serge Panchenko Bean Clone - Cool small EDC keychain knife!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Serge Panchenko Bean Clone - Cool small EDC keychain knife!

A new knife has appeared on AliExpress - a clone of a Bean model by Serge Panchenko!
This is a pretty small knife, that will fit great to every knife lover's keychain.
It features titanium handles, non-locking (fixture is created by a detent) blade with an unusual flipper tab and ball bearings in the pivot.
A great option if you are looking for a small legal EDC knife!
(Although it could be done better by not putting the original SP logo on it).

It can be found here: Bean Clone Knife

Specs of the original here: Genuine Serge Panchenko Bean Knife
More small keychain knives here: Keychain Knives


  1. Replies
    1. No logo at all would be the best IMO.

    2. I hear you and I feel same.
      That BM940 would be better without a butterfly and I'm glad that my TiLock has no CR on it.
      I just like how they sometimes mix up everything, like Sebenza clips on many other knives ;)

    3. Yeah, sometimes (usually on low level knives) they'll sometimes use whatever clip they have in stock. But what gets me the most, is when they use logo on a knife that doesn't remind the original at all. Then the knife looks like a Daewoo with a BMW logo on it :)

    4. For me that's rather funny these days, like in the times when the clothes copies were funny, like Raabok, Mike or such and the people said, see, they can copy the whole thing but can't write. Of course they could, it was tactics. I kinda miss those fake logos instead of 100% copies ;)

    5. Yeah, it's like Hike, which started as a maker of Nike copies, but evolved into a brand of it's own (sort of like Kevin John) :)