Best Budget Knives: New Bean Clone - Cleaver blade with a clip!

Friday, March 24, 2017

New Bean Clone - Cleaver blade with a clip!

Newest style cleaver clone have appeared on AliExpress!
This time is has a cleaver shaped blade and has a pocket clip, so is intended to be carried attached to the pocket, instead of a key-chain.
Unfortunately, it still has the original logo of Serge Panchenko, creator of the genuine Bean knife.

Just like in the previous versions - it rides on tiny ball bearings and has an upper flipper tab.
Slipjoint style locking is achieved by a detent, created by a ti springed bar on the back side.
Has a stonewashed handle and comes in 2 colors - grey and blue.

It also has slightly bigger handle (75mm), but the blade stayed the same length (45mm).
The knife has a lanyard hole, but only on the back side, lanyard can also be attached to the back standoff.

Check out the knife here: Cleaver style Bean Flipper
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  1. I just received this cleaver style bean knife. It's neat. Doesn't really need the pocket clip. BTW. What is your take on this knife ?

    1. Awesome LTK, glad you liked it!
      This looks like another version of the Kwaiken, to tell you the truth I would prefer the newer G10 one.
      BTW I just got the CF version and it is the bomb, will review it soon on the blog.

    2. Do you have a link to the CF version?

    3. Sure, those are still available here: