Best Budget Knives: New Budget EDC Version of the RAD Field Cleaver Mini Clone!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Budget EDC Version of the RAD Field Cleaver Mini Clone!

New budget version of the RAD Field Cleaver Mini Clone is now available for purchase in the excellent LDT store on AliExpress!
It is a bit smaller than the one that I had, which was the previous version of this knife, both in the blade length and the handle length, which means it is more suited for EDC.
The weight is approximately the same (225g vs 227g on mine).

But the best part about it is the price - only $51 with the store coupon!
The other version was sold for ~$96, so this is almost twice cheaper, while retaining the same materials - titanium handle, pocket clip and framelock (with steel insert), D2 blade and ceramic bearings (single row vs double row on the previous, more expensive version).

If you never tried a RAD Cleaver - here is your chance!

Check out the knife here: Budget Field Cleaver Clone Mini
Previous version is still sold here: Field Cleaver Clone Mini
Full size clone could be found here: Full Size Field Cleaver Clone


  1. Got one on the way! How long does LDT shipping to the US typically take?

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  3. I received mine from an eBay seller in China. It's pretty good quality and it compares favorably with the more expensive mini cleavers. The finish on the presentation side scale has got some faint finishing lines on it. Otherwise it's really close.