Best Budget Knives: New Clones on AliExpress - Strider, ZT and Liong Mah - Tribute to LTK (LuvThemKnives)!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

New Clones on AliExpress - Strider, ZT and Liong Mah - Tribute to LTK (LuvThemKnives)!

So LTK (LuvThemKnives on YouTube) announced yesterday that he is quitting making his awesome clone videos due to the pressure from Jim Skelton, so I decided to write a post about the newest clone knives on the market as a tribute to him and to thank him for his great clone (and other) knife reviews.

First of all - a short explanation about the edited pictures in the description of the knives on AliExpress (have been asked a lot about it).
Some time ago, AliExpress prohibited selling locking folding knives on the site, so sellers started editing the pictures in the lots to hide the locks (especially framelocks).
But the knives are indeed locking ones and have a fully functioning locks on them.
If you have any question about certain lots - you are more than welcome to comment on this post and I promise to do my best to answer your question.

Now to the knives:

1) New version of the CF Strider SMF CC Clone:
First of all I want to point out that some of the clonemakers started to listen to our complaints about putting logos on their knives and this is one of the first Strider clones that doesn't have the original logo on it.
Second of all, their timing in releasing this clone couldn't be better with the closing of Strider Knives in its previous form and the slow but steady increase in the prices of older models.
About the knife itself - CF scale, blackened ti frame, D2 blade and 168g of charisma.

Check it out here: Newest CF Strider SMF CC Clone
The originals are (still) sold here: Genuine Strider Knives

2)ZT 0801 BRZ Style Clone:
Another version of the awesome 0801 knife designed by Todd Rexford.
Personally I liked this one the most (at least aesthetically).
2 options of Ti handle, bearings and D2 on the blade.

Check out the knife here: ZT 0801 BRZ Style Clone
Genuine Zero Tolerance ZT0801 is sold here: Genuine ZT0801BRZ

3) Magic Gentleman (Liong Mah Warrior 2 style knife):
Has significant differences from Mah's knife and no original logo, but the design elements are definitely there (especially the shape of the handle).
Features full Ti handle, D2 tanto shaped two tone blade and bearings.

Check it out here: Magic Gentleman
Original Liong Mah knives are sold here: Genuine Liong Mah Knives


  1. Just ashame about LTK. Love all the knife videos he does, clone or not.

    1. He is in fact an awesome guy, will continue watching his videos for sure.

  2. What has Jim Skelton said to him. I like Jim skelton video, but the price of the knives are way out of my price range. LTK did knife videos that I could afford and they where good videos. Do more videos LTK

    1. TL:DR - Jim Skelton threatened him that if he won't stop selling and making reviews on clones side by side with genuine knives - he will expose him to his many followers.
      LTK freaked out about this (he is a senior citizen and a cancer survivor) and took down all of his clone reviews and decided not to make more in the future (can't blame him for wanting a peaceful mind).
      Before that, the whole thing backfired on Skelton, as LTK's followers fought back and gave him a taste of his own medicine.

    2. What a bully!! In what way would he expose him though? Like his personal info? Is what he did or threatened to do legal? I feel horrible for the guy...I've done deals with him in the past and he's been nothing but a stand up guy. What a bunch of bull$hit!

    3. Like sending his followers LTK's way (not a very pleasant experience, that will involve cursing, threatening, etc).
      Yeah, agree, LTK is a great guy and didn't deserve it.

  3. Hey. Is this knife made by Rike? What's the story? See the link

    1. Hey LTK!
      Yeah, in fact this knife is produced by Rike and distributed under the HX Outdoors brand. It is a non integral version of Rike's Thor 3 model.