Best Budget Knives: Z T 0999 Clone Knife - Not limited at all!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Z T 0999 Clone Knife - Not limited at all!

So, the Chinese clonemakers made this one as well, lets see how they have done it.
To lower the costs they've used steel+G10 instead of titanium+CF as the materials on the handle and replaced the frame-lock with a linerlock.
The insert in the blade is made from CF and the clip is a pretty simple bent clip (instead of the milled ti on the original).
But they have kept the overall design features and shapes, to a point that it looks like a Kershaw budget version of the 0999 (just like the Natrix is a version of the 0777).
I think that is a move in the right direction for them - making budget versions of the limited edition and hard to get knives in order to make the design available and accessible for more people.
One thing I didn't like about it is the use of the original logo.
I mean, no one will confuse this with the original and they've changed so many things about it, might as well drop the logo and make it a sterile clone - thus making it less controversial and more popular.

Check out the knife here: 0999 Clone Knife

The original knife is available here: Genuine ZT0999CF Knife
Kershaw knives here: Kershaw Knives

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