Best Budget Knives: Aluminum Hogdoggins Style Fidget Spinner Review

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Aluminum Hogdoggins Style Fidget Spinner Review

I have received this spinner a few days ago and would like to tell you my impressions of it and compare it to the brass version.
(Link to the review of the brass version:
First impressions - it came in the same rectangular tin box and the key for removing the bearing ring was also included with this one.
No issues out of the box - the spinner spins freely, no nicks and scratches on the body.

- This spinner came with a caged hybrid bearing, pretty quiet and stable.
- Feels light in hand and in the pocket.
- The aluminum coating (anodizing) is nice to touch and provides good tactile feeling.
- As with the brass model - it is possible to adjust the action by taking out balls from the spinner.
- Cheaper than the brass one.

- This spinner is a lot lighter than the brass version, thus spins less time on the table and in hands (my best was about 2 minutes of spinning with all 3 balls installed).
- Like the brass version, this also is pretty noisy when caring in the pocket.

Overall a different version of the ball spinner. If you like longer spin times - better go with the brass one, but if you just like to fidget with your spinner in the hand and mind the weight in the pocket, this version might suit you just fine.

I got the spinner here: Aluminum Hogdoggins Style Fidget Spinner
It is also available at Fasttech (PayPal friendly): Hogdoggins Style Aluminum version
Check out other Spinner designs here: Other Fidget Spinners

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