Best Budget Knives: How are TwoSun Knives? Where to buy them?

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How are TwoSun Knives? Where to buy them?

"I'm interested to try custom anodizing stuff and given the price and Titanium handles, TwoSun knives seem like an ideal starting point. I also like some of their designs.
But how is the quality? What should I be aware of? And where should I purchase and from whom?"

This was a question I've been asked in one of the forums and I've decided to share my answer with you:

If I could break the TwoSun knives into 2 groups it will be those:
  1. TwoSun started as a company which takes generic Chinese knives, rebrands them (puts their logo) and sells as their own. It's a very common practice in China and it is not a cloning, but more of a marketing strategy.
For example - this knife is branded TwoSun and this knife is not, but those are 2 of the exact same knives, only one has a TwoSun logo on it.
  1. Due to their success with re-branding - they started to produce their own original knives, using designs from a talented Chinese knife designer - Night Morning Design. Those are more high end, have better F&F and very interesting (IMO) lines and features.
Those knives could be bought here:
On AliExpress: Here.
On DhGate (although I don't personally recommend buying there because of the CC security issues and poor customer protection and service): Here.
Or on eBay: Here.
They even could be found on Amazon: Here.
(As you can see - the prices on Amazon could be a lot higher than on other platforms).
The quality of the knives is generally excellent, especially the original designed ones and the Tanto models.
You should be aware that the Tanto model has a version with a steel handle, which is generally sold for less and will be a problem for you to anodize, so make sure it specifically says titanium in the description (not the title).
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BTW - check out this video of my buddy Nico and his profile, he has anodized a lot of the TwoSun knives:


  1. I seem to know that video. Hahaha. Thanks for taking me as an example, friend. 👊👊👊

    1. You are welcome Nico, you do great work and people deserve to see that.

  2. This one:

    is also sold as the CH Tianyi knife in many different surface treatments but for the same $50.

    Nice knife, maybe some day...

    Oh, and thanks for your post, I really liked this one :)

  3. Review of a knife?? Well its something new for me. Inspite of the fact that its of no practical use,I still found it cool.

    1. You will be surprised how useful a knife can get if you carry one daily.