Best Budget Knives: LW Knives Boa 2 Bowie Fixed Blade: That's not a knife... THAT'S a knife!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

LW Knives Boa 2 Bowie Fixed Blade: That's not a knife... THAT'S a knife!

I have received the LW Knives Boa 2 fixed blade knife and would like to share with you my impressions of it.

First impressions:
The knife came in a large plain black cardboard box.
It is really striking and impressive out of the box. The fit and finish are great for a knife at this price point and so is the quality of the sheath. The knife has full tang construction with pretty thick blade stock. Satin finish is done great on the D2 blade.
The flax micarta handle has a pinned construction (with nice embossed pins I might add), providing comfortable grip.
The sheath is made from a thick and hard leather, the knife sits very well, no movement at all (with the latch closed).
There were a few cons out of the box as well with the grind and the sharpening and I will address those in the Cons section.


- The looks. The knife is genuinely impressive by it's size, overall style and looks. Really reminds that old Crocodile Dundee saying.

- The style and design. Loved the fact that it has a genuine design and it uses that modified Bowie style blade with elements from other knives, such as the Navaja. Also great to have gimping on the top of the blade, the hidden lanyard hole and that pronounced steel finger guard.
-  The quality, fit and finish. Aside from the grind, there are no quality issues with the knife, almost no gaps at all between components and overall very good execution for the price.
- The ergonomics. The knife's thick flax micarta handle sits very comfortably in hand, provides decent grip and will fit most hands due to it's shape.
- The sheath. Best production leather sheath I ever owned, made from thick and hard leather has dark red-brown color, knife has no movement when the latch is closed and the belt loop is adequate.


- The biggest con with the knife is the grind at the tip - it's uneven. Not a huge issue and not very noticeable, but I would prefer it to be symmetric. 
- It also has uneven sharpening at the tip.


- Overall I liked the knife very much for its classic looks, the execution and the rugged functionality.
It will excel in the forest (especially after a proper resharpening) and could also endure hard use like batoning and chopping with ease and comfort. The knife will also look awesome attached to a belt and impress even non-knife people when will be shown to them.

Check out the knife here: LW Knives Boa 2 Bowie Knife

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