Best Budget Knives: Knives to get in the AliExpress Brands Shopping Week Sale!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Knives to get in the AliExpress Brands Shopping Week Sale!

Ok, so I have decided to create a post where I will write about knives that I think will be wise to get in the AliExpress  Brands Shopping Week Sale.

Please notice that some of the locks in the seller's pictures might be edited out to comply with AliExpress knife selling rules, but most of the knives in the lots have fully functioning locks (I will state otherwise).

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Folding Knives (Original Designs):

Bear Claw Parrot - New slipjoint on bearings, the design and the concept remind of the Lansky World Legal knife, but couldn't be called a clone IMO.
Now for $5 less on the price.

Check out World Legal Knife here: Lansky World Legal Knife

Bear Claw Parrot Knife

Viteli TOP 1 - Pretty well known high end model with original design and great materials (S35VN blade) and quality now for more than $50 off original price.

CH Knives CH3005 - 
Newest model from CH, and their take on a sub 3" stout flipper.

Kevin John Venom 3 - Awesome new version of this great quality knife. ~$40 off during the sale.

Kevin John Venom 2 (AKA CKF Daboia) - Awesome knife that is now making a comeback with a limited M390 edition - get them while you can (won't be around for long).

Bear Claw P60 - Very high quality flipper knife with Ti handle and S35VN blade. Amazing price for an S35VN knife.

Fixed Blade Knives (Original design):

Bear Claw Nettle - Great original design from the guys at Bear Claw. $5 off during the sale.

Kitchen Knives:

Xinzuo Budget Kitchen Knife Set
 - Great 5 piece budget set now for only $55.
I have the similar 3 piece set and reviewed it on the blog.
sharp knife


  1. There are some pretty savvy knives that could do a lot of damage, i have a swiss army pocket knife but its nothing infront of these beautiful ones!