Best Budget Knives: Brother 1502 Knife - Your Grandpa's Folder!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Brother 1502 Knife - Your Grandpa's Folder!

So, this one arrived as well and it is time to make a short review of it.
I actually won this knife in a GAW, so didn't order it myself.
It arrived from China in less than 3 weeks (before the holidays).

First impressions:

The Brother 1502 came in a plain cardboard box, pretty dirty inside (that is usually the case with Brother Knives, at least from my experience), blade was centered and sharp, no bladeplay.

I cleaned it and it became very smooth (blade drops if you disengage the lock).

- Great classic looks (is very similar to the now discontinued Kershaw Gentleman's folder).
- Good fit and finish of the polished 3D G10 scales.
- No bladeplay at all and the lock is pretty soft (for a lockback) and could be even used one-handed.
- Became very smooth after cleaning.
- Is thin and light (3.76 oz/106.8 g) for easy carry inside the pocket.
- Has strong tip that won't break during EDC tasks + 440C stainless steel.
- Nice ergos for my middle sized hand (because of the 3D scales).

- Two-handed opening.
- Pinned constructon (couldn't be disassembled).
- Sharpening wasn't even and pretty thick grind.
- Cutting edge length is pretty short (2.75" with 3.14" blade). Full length is 7.25".
- Small finish problems: lanyard hole isn't perfectly round and some scratches on the pivot pin.
- No pocket clip.

This is a classic Grandpa Knife (meaning similar to a knife our grandpas EDCed back in the day).
IMO - this isn't a knife for knife aficionados and collectors, but more for actual use for non-knife people.
The simple and strong construction make it virtually "dumbass proof" (couldn't be screwed up by dumbasses) so it will make an awesome loaner knife and a cool inexpensive gift for non-knife folks.

Check out the knife here:
Brother 1502 Knife
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Video Demo:

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