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Friday, March 23, 2018

Knife Review: Bestech Knives Scimitar EDC Blade

Hey guys, Atech here and welcome to my first non-silent knife review of a very interesting, relatively new knife on the market and that is the Bestech Knives Scimitar.

First of all – few words about the Bestech Knives brand:

As far as I know – it is run by a Chinese couple (man and his wife).
The man is the head designer and his wife Solina does sales, marketing and customer service.
They state that the company was an OEM knife manufacturer – meaning they have produced knives for other companies. Really reminds me the story of WE Knives.

Anyway, let’s jump to First impressions:

This is how these knives come – plain branded cardboard box, nylon sleeve, nothing fancy there.
When it came it was centered, no lockup issues whatsoever and it came pretty sharp.

The action wasn’t buttery smooth, but it broke in nicely and improved significantly.

§  Blade Length: 3.75"
§  Cutting Edge: 3.75"
§  Handle Length: 4.63"
§  Overall Length: 8.50"
§  Weight: 4.2 oz

The Pros:

1. I do like the overall looks - that Persian style with a curved handle and the upswept blade. This is a genuinely good-looking knife and is pleasing to the eyes.
It is also pretty unique and special in terms of design, especially in the blade section – the overall blade shape, the fuller (easy to clean), the two tone finish on the flat portion and inside the fuller – not your regular plain and boring shapes and grinds.
I also like when the name of the model matches the style (when you hear the name and you already know what style to expect).
Scimitar is basically a short sword with a curved blade – so here you go.

2. The action – like I already mentioned – it was not buttery smooth out of the box, but broke in really nicely. Plus I really like the shape of the flipper tab – easy to use, has good purchase with the gimping on top, not pokey in the pocket, but makes the blade fire hard every single time with light switch technique.

3. The overall quality – the centering, the lockup, the fit and the finish – all are done on a very high level.

4. D2 blade steel – great choice for the price.

Best quality which means the number one reason to get this knife: The design features:
 – deep carry pocket clip – good springiness, could be a bit shorter.
- ceramic bearings
 - 3D milled G10 scales with inlaid liners, which are also skeletonized to reduce the weight.

Neutral (meaning qualities that are OK, not good and not necessarily bad):
- The ergonomics: are pretty good in my middle sized hand, but there are 2 hot spots: near the liner (there is a cutout to easily disengage the lock) and the pocket clip. Interesting part that the knife sits great and is easily operated in my left hand. So the ergos are OK, but could be a bit better.
- The proprietary spinning pivot.
- The lanyard hole – it’s fine, nothing special though.
I did try to put the lanyard around the standoffs – but the blade does touch it, so I gues it is necessary.

Nitpicks (insignificant cons):
- Writing on the blade, which is also often called billboarding, I personally don’t really mind that unless it is really excessive, but I know there are others who do.
- The detent path is exposed and I prefer when it is not.

- Not a lot of meat in the tang due to the stop pin placement.
This could be a problem if you intend to really use it hard like baton with it.
So this is a strictly EDC knife for the everyday tasks.
- Some rough finishing on the spine of the blade and slightly uneven grind.
- Some say that this knife is a clone of the Olamic Cutlery Swish model.
I personally don’t agree with that claim.
Although I can’t deny the handle does look a lot like the handle on the Swish – the blade shape, the pocket clip the lock and pretty much everything else is different.
Judging by other Bestech models - it could be unintentionally inspired by the model, but definitely not a clone.
BTW – when I was researching it I did find out that the designer of the Olamic Swish is Alexander Birykov, he actually works for a Russian clone company called Viking Nordway and the Swish model was heavily inspired by the Shirogorov Poluchetkiy by Dmitry Sinkevich – Olamic didn’t even wanted to do it at first it felt so similar.
So yeah – funny which things you could find while researching these things.

I really like this knife. And not just me – everyone I know and who bought one – really like it too.
Whether if it’s the build quality, the smoothness, the style or any other characteristic – I think it is a genuinely likeable knife.

Is it a perfect knife (objectively) – no. But it is definitely a good usable EDC knife that will please your eyes and your hands and I definitely recommend you to get one and judge for yourself.

Thanks for watching guys, if you found the review interesting and informative please give it a thumbs up and if you have any questions or feedback – please write these in the comment section below the video and also please state – what is your most liked knife in the collection?

Again – thanks for watching guys and I’ll see you on the next one.
Knife is available here: Bestech Knives Scimitar Or here: Bestech Knives Scimitar


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