Best Budget Knives: Amazon Prime Day: Budget (Chinese) knives on sale!

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Amazon Prime Day: Budget (Chinese) knives on sale!

Hey guys,

Just like with every other sale we try to bring you some of the best deals out there and the one happening right now (Amazon Prime Day sale) is no exception.

We'll naturally try to focus on the budget/Chinese made knives as it is our goal over here.
Without further ado - lets get into it:

Kizer Knives:
These are represented by 3 models (both versions of Kesmec and the Vanguard Sovereign).
$15-25 off discount (I guess depends on the price).
Check them out here:
You could also compare prices with the official Kizer AliExpress Store.

Tangram Knives:
Not really surprised Tangram are on sale as well as they are Kizer's subsidiary.
The prices aren't crazy low (fe the Vector for 31.50) but still way lower than usual so are true deals.
Check them out here:
As with Kizer - prices could be compared with the official 
 Tangram Knives AliExpress Store.

Stedemon Knives:
Seems like Stedemon have taken a step back lately but their knives are still well made and have interesting original designs.
Discounts are significant on some items (up to 35%)
Check them out here:

Other entries include NOC Knives and some Chinese made Kershaws.

From what I see these aren't crazy Black Friday deals but still a few bucks could be saved here, especially if you join Prime for free for 30 days and then cancel.

Happy shopping!

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