Best Budget Knives: Knives and Gear to get during the AliExpress 11/11 Singles Day Sale!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Knives and Gear to get during the AliExpress 11/11 Singles Day Sale!

Well, it's that time of the year again and AliExpress are having a Singles Day Sale!
It takes place on the 11/11 (because this date consists only of 1's or singles).
I'd like to tell about and show you some of my knife and gear picks for this year.

My top brand for this sale is the Yon Xanadu which started from making a few original and interesting designs (mostly out of titanium) but have since expanded into the budget segment as well making models out of G10 and even micarta.
More than welcome to check them out.

As always, the TwoSun store that has great prices and variety of models in stock (so you don't have to bid for them on eBay).
Check out their newer knives and EDC gear as well (such as pens).

Also there is a great sale on the Vespa Ripper.
One of the first original premium OTF designs out of China and I'm really excited to get one of these.
It features aluminum body, M390 blade, carbon fiber and tritium inserts and a ti pocket clip.
I'll be picking one of these as well to try out and review.
Also available at 
DHGate's Vespa Store.

As for budget blades - we've got a comeback from Enlan Blades.
These knives were really popular a few years ago and now are again available for sale.
Don't expect really high quality or fit&finish like we got used to by Sanrenmu and Ganzo latest models, but some of the models are definitely interesting and unique so it's a good opportunity for a vintage pickup.
They even sell the key for that annoying Enlan tri-wing pivot screw now and added titanium and fixed blade offerings.
Also available here (faster US Shipping): 
Enlan Knives on Amazon.

Since GearBest have given up on them - Ganzo Firebird FH models are now a huge hit on AE since they are proven to be great value knives with high quality levels and made from real D2 steel although aren't sold with big discounts during this sale.

As for the flashlights - check out the sale on Nitecore flashlights.
I just got the Nitecore TIP from this store and it is now my go-to EDC keychain light.

Also check out the knives I recommended in my previous AliExpress sale posts:

Official Sanrenmu Store on AliExpress:
They have great selection of (mostly newer) knife models from one of the leading budget knife manufacturers in China.
The same factory also produces knives for several American brands (Spyderco, Kershaw), and also RUIKE, Real Steel, Boker+ and many others, so the quality levels of their products are amazing for the price.
They also have many products for sale in this sale, ship the products fast and have excellent customer service. 

Other Sanrenmu models are also available at Gearbest.

Another store that I recommend to check out on AliExpress is the 
Tangram Knives Brand.

The budget subsidiary of Kizer Knives have followed their parent company and now also present their knives on the Chinese platform with lower prices and worldwide free shipping on most of their products.
They primarily make knives out of 440 Acuto steel from Japan, polimer handles (also aluminum) and the same awesome quality we already got accustomed to from Kizer's Vanguard series.
BTW - don't forget about the parent - 
 Kizer AliExpress Store, awesome prices and excellent service as well, plus some new models as well.

And of course the Kevin John Venom models are also sold with significant discounts during this period.
2 new models are now available - the Harpoon (with unique pivot tightening solution) and the Bone Doctor.

Happy shopping!

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