Best Budget Knives: Most popular knife on AliExpress - KGB NKVD Finka Knife

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Most popular knife on AliExpress - KGB NKVD Finka Knife

Link to the KGB NKVD knife: NKVD style knives on Amazon: Specs: Overall length: 22cm/8.66" Blade length (not including the guard): 9.5 cm/3.75" Weight: 134g/4.72oz Blade thickness: 3mm In this video I'll unbox and give first impression of another knife I got in the mail - the KGB Finka NKVD replica which is sold for ~$20 on AliExpress. I was pleasantly surprised by the overall quality (expected less) and it is really good for the price. The lockup is solid and the pivot could be easily adjusted using an allen key. Blade is centered and it came reasonably sharp from the factory. 2 cons right of the bet - the guard rattles a bit in the closed position and the knife is pretty hard to open one handed (partly due to the construction and partly due to the sharp thumbstud). It also required thorough cleaning which improved the mechanics and made it much smoother. Overall I could recommend it, if not for daily carry but as a cool paperweight (is relatively heavy), letter/package opener and cool conversation starting piece. If you liked the video and the knife please push the like button as it helps the channel grow, subscribe and comment down below what do you think of this piece. Thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next ones, cheers!

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