Best Budget Knives: Guide to Chinese Ceramic/Steel Kitchen Knives from Aliexpress - Become a chef at affordable price!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Guide to Chinese Ceramic/Steel Kitchen Knives from Aliexpress - Become a chef at affordable price!

AliExpress has a great selection of good quality affordable kitchen knives.
I've selected the best (in my opinion), and would like to tell you about them and show where they can be bought.

Xinzuo Damascus style steel knives:

One good option is ordering steel knives with micarta handle.
Advantages: Great quality, 
look and feel in hand better than the ceramic ones, come very sharp with good blade geometry and have a comfortable micarta handle.
Disadvantages: Cost more than others. Can rust if not stored properly. Also - the damascus is not a real one and probably not made from VG-10 steel, fells more like VG-1.

Can be found here: 
Or here:

Ceramic knives:

Ceramic knives became very popular in the past years.
Their advantages are: great edge retention (far better than steel), comfortable handles, no corrosion and no metal smell or taste. These knives used to be very expensive, but due to the latest development in technology - they are now very affordable for most households.
The disadvantages are: ceramic knives can break if dropped (just like dishes) and are more complicated to re-sharpen if they loose the edge, but at the price, you can just order new ones.
I own 2 sets of the knives, they have served me for more than a year now, and the edge is still very sharp to this day.

Here are few good options to purchase these knives:
ABS (Resin) handles -

Bamboo handles -

Very Cool 4 piece Set:
Really unique design 4 piece set, that can be stored altogether to save room in the kitchen cabinet. This, in my opinion, can be a great gift to any aspiring chef/cook.
Can be found here:

Stainless steel knives:
Good, simple, affordable option.
Behave like a regular knife, that you buy in a kitchen store, with regular stainless steel, but is probably cheaper to order them from AliExpress.

Few good options:
Chef knife:
Affordable set:

Sharpeners for kitchen knives:
Good options to keep your knives nice and sharp.
Ceramic knife sharpener:
Electric sharpener:


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