Best Budget Knives: New A2 Titanium 3'' Flipper - Great Small EDC Flipper Knife!

Saturday, December 31, 2016

New A2 Titanium 3'' Flipper - Great Small EDC Flipper Knife!

Newest offering in the EDC small flipper segment is the A2 compact 3'' EDC flipper knife.
It became available a few weeks ago, but was sold at a pretty high price.
Now it is available in the great LDT store, that gives good service and is pretty reliable (I ordered from them a few times).
It features titanium blue anodized backspacer and pocket clip, ball bearings in the pivot and comes in 2 versions - the "S35VN" blade + plain handle and "VG10" fluted handle.
(Can't really guarantee the blade steel is exactly as described, but LDT usually put out good quality knives, so I wouldn't worry that the steel will be soft).
Don't miss the $2 coupon, that is given in the store.

Knife can be found here: A2 titanium flipper knife
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  1. I guess if they'd swap the handles to get the contoured with the better steel and mill them on the inside like on the Neon then I'd really want one.
    My Malyshev Gnome has taught me how heavy a small folder with Ti scales can be when the handles are not milled (I wish I could do that myself).

  2. The description says 115 g. If this was true (for my purchases, weights given on AE have never been off by much), that is quite a bit for such a small knife. The CF Hati Clone with its 95-or-something mm blade is in that weight range (to be honest, this is one really light knife for its size). The Neon Clone is somewhere around 85...90 g, my modified Zieba lookalike a little below 80 g, the CH 3001 (solid scales) should've been close to 90 g when new (mine is slightly shaved down here and there).

    BUT then again, 115 g is not that heavy altogether. It is not going to pull your pants down (really light and somewhat loose shorts ... maybe, but other than that, no).

    However, it is small, like, really small. Nowadays, I often wear the CH (~85 mm) or the Zieba Clone (close to 90 mm at the blade with 111 mm folded length, but feels much smaller really). When I grab an older Sanrenmu (blade lengths around 70 mm or a bit shorter), it just feels too small, both handle and blade.

    Now for something completely different - the A2 has a hidden stop pin. Would anyone happen to know if the curved slot is in the blade (bad design) or in the handle (ok for me)?

    1. Can't really rely on the weight in the description, sometimes they write the weight including the packaging.
      Thanks for the input!

    2. The weight is 110g and the slots for the stop pin are in the handle.

  3. It's about time one of these guys did a 3" - 3.25" titanium flipper! Other than the Neon clone, (which is no longer available!!! GRRRRR) I can't recall seeing another one. Sure there are some that are smaller (Gnome) but those are definitely too small for me. I saw the budget version of this knife a few months back and was thinking how awesome it'd be in titanium! What is this a clone of....Boker perhaps??

    1. It's Andre Van Heerden A2 clone.
      I will update about the Neon as soon as something will pop up, I know you are in search for one :).

  4. Replies
    1. Why? You think a custom maker will lose a single buyer to a clone? I heavily doubt it.
      These days it's better to work with Kizer Knives, Böker (Plus) or the like to get a quality budget version of your customs.

    2. Agree with Endre, the chances of a custom knife maker to lose customers due to a clone are very low. On the contrary, he might gain customers and recognition if people will like the clone of his knife.

    3. If I'd ever get lucky with the lottery I'd definitely get an original Shirogorov NeOn with custom two.tone anodization.
      Until then I have to keep my Vepsa Neon and re-anodize it myself...