Best Budget Knives: Curtiss ODT Dog Tag Flipper Knife Clone!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Curtiss ODT Dog Tag Flipper Knife Clone!

Hey guys!
Are you tired already from small titanium dog tag clones? No? Good, cause here comes another one.
This time it is a clone of the fan favorite ODT knife from Dave Curtiss.
It is a bulky, overbuilt square knife design, that will fulfill the desires of "sick-with-ordinary-knives" knife fans.
It features a 1"/ 2.4 cm square shaped blade, titanium handle and frame and an unusual flipper tab, but can also be opened slowly by using 2 hands.

The blade steel is listed as M390, but at that price point I doubt that it in fact is.
Big plus is that no original logo is used (if you don't count Curtiss's signature pivot).

Check out the knife here: ODT Dog Tag Clone
Genuine Dave Curtiss ODT is sold here: Dave Curtiss ODT
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  1. In the pics there are no lock bar cut outs buta relief for the bar is present? WTF? Did you forget? How is it suppose to stay open?

    1. The knife has a framelock, just like the original.
      It is edited out in the sellers description, because of the AliExpress knife laws.

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