Best Budget Knives: V2 Batman BatSignal Fidget Spinner Review!

Friday, February 24, 2017

V2 Batman BatSignal Fidget Spinner Review!

I have received the V2 Batman sign shaped spinner and would like to tell you about it.
It came without a box, but in a nice PU leather case (can be used to carry the spinner).

Features: made of polished gold color metal (probably steel), pretty heavy (3.63 oz/103 g).
Has full ceramic (zirconium) bearing, white colored and very smooth.
The pads are also made of metal and are screwed into each other.
- A very good looking spinner IMO.
- Fit and finish are very good, color is even and almost no play between the spinner and the pads.
- Spins very well (maximum spin on a table - little more than 3 minutes).

- Is pretty quiet while spinning in hand or on a hard surface.
- Is pretty heavy. thus harder to carry as an EDC spinner.
- Has a few corners, that can be unpleasant it you hit them when starting or stopping the spinnner.
- I personally didn't like the polished finish (leaves fingerprints), so I brushed the top surfaces, but left the sides polished for a two tone look.

The Verdict - Not the perfect EDC spinner, but definitely a very good for a starter one, has awesome long spinning action and buttery smooth bearings, especially for the price.

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Can be also found on Fasttech (PayPal friendly): Batman Spinner on Fasttech

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