Best Budget Knives: Kevin John Venom Wing M390 Integral Knife!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Kevin John Venom Wing M390 Integral Knife!

This knife was announced a while ago, but just now have become available for purchase.
It features integral (machined from one piece of titanium) handle, M390 blade steel (we know KJ has real M390), of course bearings in the pivot and an overall flight theme, starting with the name (Wing), followed by the "aerodynamic" wing shaped thumb studs and a helicopter style screws.
I believe that guys, who are into aviation will probably dig this one.
Have to say - it reminds me a lot of another blade that came out not a long time ago - the LW Knives AH-64, which has similar overall features and theme. Maybe aviation is a new favorite topic with Chinese knife designers these days.
Anyway - gotta love the new original designs coming from China, the price tag is a little bit less lovely, but I guess that is the price to pay for a great quality titanium integral knife.
Check out the knife here: Kevin John Venom 4 Wing
Kevin John Venom New Concept is sold here (under the CKF brand): Kevin John Venom New Concept
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  1. Wow! That is really nice but also come with a hefty price tag...but it's understandable considering the materials and machining and integral titanium frame.