Best Budget Knives: Rike Knives RK1508 1508 Knife - Kudos for Richard Wu!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Rike Knives RK1508 1508 Knife - Kudos for Richard Wu!

Rike Knives (formerly known as Bama Knives) are celebrating their second anniversary.
And what better way to celebrate than to release a new and special model - the RK1508.
Richard Wu - the head designer and the owner of the company have stated that although this knife is priced much less than other knives in Rike's lineup, it won't fall behind on quality, fit and finish, but has less complicated anodization and design features.
The knives feature stonewashed ti handles (3 color options - grey, black and blurple), ti backspacer, ti pocket clip, ceramic ball bearings in the pivot and real S35VN stonewashed blade.
Best thing about it IMO is the price - $135, which, for a genuine Rike knife, is very good.

Check it out here: Rike RK1508
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  1. although Rike is a chinese company, this is NOT a genuine Rike knife. Just have a loog on the rike website, the model 1508 has a different pivot, different clip, etc.

    1. You probably mean the Rike 1508S - which is an integral handled model, which is different in all the parameters from the knife in this listing.
      This one is actually a genuine Rike made knife.
      I had my doubts too, but got a confirmation not long ago.

    2. are you really sure ? Because neither the older model (1502?) nor the 1508 is on theior website, the logo on the blade is completly different and why do they sell only these models via ali/dhgate and not the "better" ones ?

    3. Yes, I'm 100% sure it is a genuine Rike knife.
      It was announced by Richard Wu.
      Why they sell it on DHGate/Ali? Not sure, but my guess will be - there are premium models sold on the American and other high end markets and there are budget models sold on those platforms. He also produces the new models for HX Outdoors, which is also sold on Ali.