Best Budget Knives: AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale - Clones and Replicas!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale - Clones and Replicas!

So, Aliexpress 7th anniversary sale is already here, and that means an opportunity to score some of the great knife clones and replicas, that are sold on the site, with a big discount!
I want to pick some of the best deals for clones and replicas out there and present those to you:

1) Shiro Neon Clone: I have this one (also did a review on it on the blog) and it is an excellent EDC knife!

Check out The Neon Clone on AliExpress here: Neon Ultra Lite Clone

2) New Smaller Budget Version of the RAD Knives Field Cleaver: Also published a post about this one, on this sale it can be bought with significant discount.

Check out the knife here: Budget Field Cleaver Clone Mini

3) Made by CH Knives the Matsuda Style flipper: CH Knives Matsuda

4) LDT store also have some great offerings in this sale:
- Microtech Whaleshark clone: Whaleshark Clone
- 0392 Clone (I have one and it's great): 0392 Clone
- Spyderco Slysz Bowie Clone: Slysz Bowie Clone

5) Clones of the unreleased CKF models:
- Piston knife: Piston Knife
- The Gnome: Gnome Knife
- Assymetric Fixed blade: Assymetric Fixed Blade

6) And of course some of my fav knives - the Green Thorn Shiro clones:
- CF+D2 Hati: Shiro Hati Clone
- F95 models: Shiro F95 Clones

So, these are my picks for knives with original design to buy in the AliExpress 7th Anniversary sale.
Also, check out other items on the site, such as electronics and home appliances - this is a great opportunity to save money and buy products with a significant discount.
Happy shopping!


  1. Thanks so much for your great information on all knives Chinese etc. I'm a big fan.
    I'm also happy to know about this Sale on aliexpress.

    1. You are welcome LTK!
      Thanks for the awesome shoutout!