Best Budget Knives: AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale - Original design knives!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

AliExpress 7th Anniversary Sale - Original design knives!

So, Aliexpress 7th anniversary sale is already here, and that means an opportunity to score some of the great knives with original designs, that are sold on the site, with a big discount!
I want to pick some of the best deals for original designed knives out there and present those to you:

1) Genuine Maxace Knives: Maxace Knives are being sold on large sites such as BladeHQ, but could also be found at trusted dealers on AliExpress.
Most of their knives will be available with a big discount (up to 20%) in the sale - such as the Balance, the Wind, Halictus, Red Queen and the newest Dwemer Assasin.

Check out Genuine Maxace Knives on AliExpress here: Maxace Knives
Can be also bought in the US here: 
Maxace Knives at BladeHQ

Maxace Halictus

2) Genuine Stedemon Knives and ZKC: Stedemon and it's subsidiary ZKC (Zon Knife Company) knives will also be available for lower price in the sale and from great sellers. Stedemon are known for their great and original designs, as well as the high quality of their production.

Check out Stedemon and ZKC knives on sale here: Stedemon and ZKC knives

3) Genuine Rike Knives 1508: Another great knife, which is included in the sale. As of now only the grey color is available (it was a limited edition), but you have the chance to get it for the lowest price ever (and maybe send it to be anodized to your favorite color).

Get it here: Rike knives RK1508

Rike knives rk1508

4) CH Knives: CH have been around for a while now, making great quality and high value knives with original design and premium materials. This sale is a great chance to grab them for even less then those are being sold usually.

CH 3504 (Skull knife): CH 3504
CH 3001 Parallel (Great EDC Knife): CH 3001
CH 3002: CH3002

5) Viteli Knives TOP1: Relatively new brand from the folks that brought us Vespa. This is their first model, it has original design and received great feedback from the customers for quality and materials. It's price on this sale is going to be the lowest one ever, so it's a great chance to grab one.

Check it out here: 
Viteli Knives TOP1

Viteli Knives Top1

So, these are my picks for knives with original design to buy in the AliExpress 7th Anniversary sale.
Also, check out other items on the site, such as electronics and home appliances - this is a great opportunity to save money and buy products with a significant discount.
Happy shopping!


  1. I would like to get the blue RK1508, however it seems to be out of stock :(. What do you think about the gray one?

    1. Those are still available, but for the regular price of $135 here:
      The grey one is as good as the others, but seems the most simple of the bunch (I've ordered the blackout version).
      That is of course unless you send it to be anodized, then it could become a customized gem.

  2. The Maxace Halictus is an incredible knife. And I've actually got a Rike 1508 on the way. Can't wait to get that one. Thanks

    1. Agree about the Halictus, I also have a 1508 on the way (the blackout version).