Best Budget Knives: Green Thorn F95T D2 Titanium Knife Review!

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Green Thorn F95T D2 Titanium Knife Review!

With all the new Chinese models coming up lately, I haven't noticed that I didn't do a review of one of my all-time favorite models, and my favorite one ATM - the Green Thorn F95T with D2 steel.
BTW - the T in the model name stands for Turtle, because the pattern on the knife reminds of a turtle shell pattern.
I chose it over the flat Ti handle, because the milling makes it grippier and better looking IMO.

The knife comes in a Green Thorn branded pouch (which is one of the best packages for a knife in my book).

The Good: Everything really. I mean the knife comes flawless from the factory (that is one of the reasons why I like it so much). The centering, sharpness, 
edge retention, smoothness (runs on double row ceramic bearings), lockup is solid (which is the case for every F95 knife design I've seen so far), the ergonomics are great, the action is fast and strong with just the right detent, fit and finish are amazing for the price (has a blasted and then stonewashed finish, which will disguise carry marks very well). I examined the knife closely, and didn't find one thing I didn't like about it, which doesn't happen often.

The Great: First of all the design. Gotta give credit to the Shiro bros for this - the ergos will fit almost every hand, no blade play, perfect balance, great flipping action (it is definitely a fidget knife), awesome gimping placing, I could go on and on... The truly amazing part is that GT actually managed to make this knife better IMO, by milling the handle, so it weighs only 115g/4 oz! Because of the balance it feels even lighter in the hand, so many people are amazed by the weight when they pick it up for the first time.
Another great feature is the absence of the original logo and the knife can't be considered a fake, but a sterile clone, as it can't be sold as an original knife.

But the best part about all that is the value, I mean you get all those great features for ~$75!
IMHO, it is worth much more than that and I didn't find a better value knife so far (if you have a suggestion - please write it in the comments). 

The Bad: If I had to pick one thing (and that is only by being extra picky) I would choose the pivot. Because the knife is a great flipper and a great fidget knife, I often find myself flipping it continuously, so the pivot comes loose from time to time (which doesn't cause bladeplay though). I would put some thread locker to fix this, but there is the problem - it is flat on the other side, so it could cause a problem to disassemble the knife in the future. Luckily, the pivot screw is easily screwed back using a coin or even a nail.

The Ugly: The price of the original Shiro knives.

The Verdict: Get this knife (you wouldn't regret it)! Especially if you didn't try the design before and you don't plan to buy the original in the near future.
From what I've heard, Green Thorn are moving to other models, so these could be sold out pretty soon (no one knows exactly when).

The knife can be found here: Green Thorn F95T
Even found one on Amazon: GT F95T on Amazon
The original can be checked out here: Genuine Shirogorov F95

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