Best Budget Knives: Maxace Knives - Clearing the smoke screen!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Maxace Knives - Clearing the smoke screen!

Maxace Knives seem to come out of nowhere.
This China-based company produces high-end knives with very interesting designs, but doesn't have an official website, only Facebook and Instagram pages and not much is known about the history of this young company.
KnifeCenter states that "Maxace Knives is a division of Stedemon Knife Company with all the same quality, using different designers". Actually this isn't exactly the truth and I will try to clear the smoke with the info I have.
Maxace is owned and run by a man called Adan Chan. He is also the designer of the knives they produce (great ones IMO). Adan isn't new to the knife world - he used to produce high end replicas of popular designs, such as Emerson CQC7, Strider AR and Shirogorov Cannabis with the logo that includes the number "7" (presented in the picture below). Waved version of the Stedemon DSG was also produced with that logo.

Maxace don't own a production facility, but order their knives to be made by other factories. Their first models - Balance and Wave were made by the Stedemon company (is easy to notice the similarity to Stedemon and ZKC knives), which must have led KnifeCenter to believe that they are a division of Stedemon. 
But as it seems, Adan didn't want to stop there, and his next model, the Corvus was made by the Kevin John factory, which also makes CKF knives. Later came the awesome Cicada, Halictus and the latest - the Red Queen and the Assassin (under the Dwemer brand).
Maxace products are sold on the US market at large retailers such as BladeHQ and KnifeCenter.
Now they are also available at AliExpress, through the Vespa chain of stores.
As it seems, Maxace are going in the right direction and I will be waiting to see what they will produce next.

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