Best Budget Knives: Budget Friction Folder DIY Project!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Budget Friction Folder DIY Project!

A little DIY project I did today:
Got this Kershaw Shuffle clone from Ali and turned it into a no-lock friction folder, which is legal to carry almost everywhere.
Once I got the knife, I disassembled it and broke the liner with my hands by bending it a few times.
Then assembled the knife again, tightened the pivot all the way, and that's it - it works great, the friction supplies a sufficient detent to hold the blade in the open and closed positions (I'll publish a video in the comments).
It might work with other blades but I recommend:
1. Choosing a relatively cheap blade with a liner lock and a choil, so the knife could be held securely.
2. Choose a knife with nylon washers (not bronze ones and definitely not with bearings), as nylon washers will give you just the right amount of friction if you tighten the pivot all the way.
3. Choose a knife with thumb studs or a thumb hole (definitely not flippers).
Got the knife here: Shuffle Clone
Genuine Kershaw Shuffle could be bought here: 
Genuine Kershaw Shuffle
Or here: Kershaw Shuffle


  1. Nice job. About the link for the clone I'd rather believe it's from "overstock" or nightshift production, at this price there's no real sense to clone the knife.

    Instead of making a friction folder with no lock at all you could also try to turn it into a slipjoint by filing off the edges of the lockface on the blade and the liner.

    There's also the Boker Subcom 42 with a similar mod on the framelock which you could easily adapt :)

    1. I have two of these clones and original one in white. I say clones, as they have some QC issues and differences, however as you said, at the price of the original I do not understand that anyone would be making them. Maybe they have some original parts and are being assembled somewhere else.

      For example – both Shuffle clones have small differences (most noticeable on the backspacer / screwdriver), screws with different heads and the pocket clip has cutouts for the screwdriver not matching the actual screws.

      I like this design and blade shape, it's very thin and pocket friendly, bottle opener comes handy ...

      Actually I keep one in my pocket all the time because of how thin and light it is. It doesn't see much action though, as I always have something more serious in my bag ;).

      The one I'm carrying has thumb studs removed, as they get in the way when I'm sharpening the blade.

      I have the other one prepared for acid stone wash.