Best Budget Knives: Flash Sale on the Jiaheng JH04!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Flash Sale on the Jiaheng JH04!

Flash sale on the Jiaheng JH04!
The knife features 3 colored G10 handles, axis lock imitation (more similar to the axis found on Shiro knives, such as the Tabargan, than to the Benchmade ones), satin or stonewashed blade, ball bearings and deep carry pocket clip.
It is very similar in overall quality and construction to the great Jin 02 knife (I believe it is made in the same factory).
Great price for the next 15 hours.

Check it out here: Jiaheng JH04 knife
More axis lock knives here: Axis Lock knives

Flash Sale on the Jiaheng JH04!


  1. Thanks, I've bought two, green with stonewashed blade and orange with satin.

    1. You are welcome, I also ordered it (too good of a deal to pass).
      Now they are back at $29.99.

  2. Replies
    1. $14.70 when ordering from mobile app. I've found few sellers on DHgate selling them for ~ $18 right now:

  3. Cool! I ordered one, it was $15.29 when I clicked on the link today. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. This store has a lot of budget knives marked down 30-50% off (use the app for additional savings).
    I ordered a couple of the "F3 Bearing system Floding knife Stone Wash D2 blade Apple green G10 handle outdoor survival hunting camping tool OEM" that were marked as 56% off. I ordered (I think) the same knife (with satin blade) from another store for more back in February. They have both stone washed and satin blades. Most stores list this as a "Small F3" -- really nice flipper knife -- love the blue/black G10
    Couldn't resist and ordered a ZT0808 also

    1. SOB, one of the ZT0808 (steel handle version) I bought got detained at customs. The other was sent to customs and let through, and I got it yesterday in the mail. It's a really nice knife.

      I also got the Small F3 earlier on in the week. It's the same size as the ZT0808 (ZT0808 is heavier). Flipping action is good on both, but the Small F3 is just a bit better in my opinion. ZT0808 is less bulky than the Small F3's steel liner+G10 (I find the F3 easier to hold onto because of the bulk? G10?).

      I also received a SRM LAND 9104 yesterday (from GB). It's close to the same size as the ZT0808 and Small F3 (9104 is just a bit longer). Also a very nice knife. I have the 910 Plus (G10-liner lock). I find the detent on the 9104 to be harder to break loose than on the 910 Plus.

      What a week! Also got a Y-Start JIN01 (from GB). Hopefully, I will see the second Small F3 and the C172 from my order above delivered next week. I was quite surprised how quickly they shipped (2 weeks via free delivery option). Usually it's like 1 to 2 months.

      PS... my favorite is the Small F3 flipper!

    2. Thanks for sharing!
      Also got the Land 910, will review it soon.