Best Budget Knives: Ganzo G745 G7452 EDC Orange Knife Review

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ganzo G745 G7452 EDC Orange Knife Review

I got this one a while ago and am more than ready to do a quick review of it.

First impressions:

The knife came in a Ganzo branded black cardboard box.
Condition out of the box was excellent - no issues whatsoever with centering, lockup, action or lock stiffness. 
Now, I don't know if I got a great piece - but this was one of the best quality Ganzos I ever got.
Please notice this is an old-school Ganzo and not one of the new Firebird line.

Full length: 8.25"/21 cm
Blade lenght: 3.6"/9.2 cm
Weight: 4.97oz/ 140.8g


- As mentioned before - the quality.
- The action. I had just to tweak the Ganzo G7452 a bit and put a bit of oil inside and the knife became as smooth as the Benchmade Griptilian I had. The omega springs also are a lot softer than in other Ganzo models and become even softer with time (break in).
-  I actually like the silver hardware (as opposed to the blue screws on the newer Firebird ones) and the stonewashed finish on the blade, give it an utilitarian look.
- The ergonomics are probably the best part of the 
Ganzo G7452 for me. The handle is pretty thick (and wide) and fills the hand well in regular and reverse grips. G10 is textured and provides good grip.
Big plus is that the ergos will be comfortable for most hand sizes.
Must give credit to the now discontinued HK Axis knife the Ganzo G7452 is based on.

- The construction is also awesome (very strong). The fact that the blade stop pin is fixed with screws (and not pressed in) eliminates lock problems and gives the knife more rigidity.
- Ganzo's 440c performs well as usual and the grind is flat and high, so the knife is a pretty good slicer.

- Little details - gimping, oversized lanyard hole, pocket clip - all work very well.
- The price - competitive as always.


- According to Ganzo's tradition - the liners aren't skeletonized to reduce weight.
Not a terribly heavy knife, but something to consider.

- The tip is thinner than I would like for this type of knife.


- Overall the Ganzo G7452 an excellent user knife from Ganzo. 
They have a lot of EDC models now, but this seems to be one that is more intended for harder use and outdoors (just like the RAT 1 from Ontario/Cold Steel Pro Lite).
The ergos make it pretty comfortable for extended cutting and the grind is great for slicing.
I got to use it a bit when I moved and must say I was very impressed with it.
If you look for a no-nonsense budget usable blade - the 
Ganzo G7452 might do the trick.

Check out the knife here: Ganzo G7452
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Video demo of the knife: 

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