Best Budget Knives: Sanrenmu 7046 LTX Poor Man's Razel Knife Review

Friday, October 20, 2017

Sanrenmu 7046 LTX Poor Man's Razel Knife Review

I got this knife a while ago and am now ready to review it.
I got it directly from China and the package arrived in ~3 weeks.

First impression:
The Sanrenmu 7046 arrived in a Sanrenmu branded plain paper box, nothing fancy there.
The condition out of the box is near perfect - no blade play, blade dead centered, very smooth action (Sebenza like) on bronze washers and hair shaving sharp.

- The Sanrenmu quality and QC - this knife feels better than many other knives in the category and even higher priced ones. Really have to try it to appreciate.
- The original design from Liang Gang and the looks. Great job LG!
- The action and the smoothness.
- The extra features such as a wrench, bottle opener and the glass breaker in the end of the handle.

- Fit and finish.
- Materials for the price - 8Cr13MoV steel that keeps a good edge and aluminum handle.

- The fact that it could serve as a Poor Man's version of the Graham Razel.
- The price, especially considering the quality.

- The knife has a reversible deep carry pocket clip. but it rides too high for my taste in the tip down position.

- The Sanrenmu 7046 has a chisel ground blade which is sharpened from one side only.
Could be unusual to cut with and to sharpen.

- The ergos are fine for my middle sized hand, but could be unfit for people with larger hands (3 finger grip only for them, could be solved with a lanyard though).

- I would love for the thumb plate to be just a bit bigger and it would be more comfortable to flick the blade out.
EDIT: One of the guys, Saelyre, suggested to reverse the direction of the thumb plate to solve the problem. I did and now it works much better - have much better purchase and could even middle finger flick it.
Thanks man!

- The Sanrenmu 7046 feels a lot like a small multitool and I think that could be the best purpose for it - a small beater blade or a work knife. It could also serve as a great present, even for non knife folks, cause everyone could enjoy it's quality and extra features.
The fact that it could serve as a budget Razel gives it extra cool points IMO, but also give a stronger tip and more versability. I could really see it used on a construction site.
Anyway - I really like this knife and happy I got it.

The knife is available here: Sanrenmu 7046 LTX

Competitive options:
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