Best Budget Knives: Tekut Tough EDC Knife Review - If Mora made folders!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tekut Tough EDC Knife Review - If Mora made folders!

Today I'll be doing something I haven't done in a long time and that is reviewing a new knife.

This time it's the Tough - budget EDC blade by Tekut.

To those who never heard about the brand - just like Sanrenmu, Tekut is a veteran OEM maker out of China that is producing knives for other companies and make a few models of their own.

Lately they had a breakthrough with an excellent EDC knife - the Tekut Zero (previously reviewed) and this is their later model.

Blade length: 3.5" / 91 mm
Full Length: 8.2" / 209 mm
Weight: 4.7oz / 134g

First impressions:
The Tough came in a see through plastic tube, great presentation.
Was sharp out of the box, no F&F problems, smooth and had great lockup.

- Great quality, fit and finish out of the box.
- Solid lockup in both directions (with tweaking).
- Great ergos (including thumb dent and gimping).
- Nice hydraulic action on washers (not bearings).
- Strong thick tip.
- G10 with a nice traction but not pant ripping texture.
- Sandvik 12C27 blade (the same one SS Moras are made from).
- Price.

Best quality:
- The best quality of this model is the ultra deep carry pocket clip (see demo in the video below).
Great original feature that was developed by Tekut.

- Blade centering is off in mine. I could tweak it to be centered, but then there will be a bit horizontal bladeplay. One of the most common cons of knives with washers.
- The flipper tub is pointy and sticking out too much IMO. Truly a "pocket pecker".
- Sating finish on the blade, I would prefer a stonewash that will hide scratches.
- Biggest con IMO is the fact that all the screws on the knife are locktited that means it will be difficult to disassemble.

This one is a great high value budget blade with some unique and uncommon features that help it stand out in the crowd.
It really feels like a tool rather than a collectors piece with its simple but useful shape and build, a reliable tool that you could rely on.
That, in addition to the shape make me associate it with Mora knives, so if you were in the market for a folding Mora knife - this one could be a great option.

Knife is available here: Tekut Tough

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