Best Budget Knives: Sanrenmu 7130 EDC Fixed Blade - ESEE Izula Killer?

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Sanrenmu 7130 EDC Fixed Blade - ESEE Izula Killer?

Today we will have a review of one of my favorite knives of recent time - the Sanrenmu 7130.
Sorry for the delay in the reviews - have been caught up with everyday life.
And as always - knives I like the most take me the longest period of time to review (got this knife a few months ago).

First impressions:
- The Sanrenmu 7130 comes in a branded cardboard presentation box (really worth mentioning this packaging - could suit for a gift).
Quality out of the box is excellent - no issues at all - it came sharp, symmetrical bevels, no fit and finish issues and had great retention in the sheath.

- The sheath. Has great retention, gimping in the right places and a great rotatable clip.
The same clip could be seen on the more expensive RUIKE fixed blades.
Much better than a Tek Lock for EDC IMO.
- 8Cr14MoV Steel - Not the most impressive steel out there, but could be easily sharpened and Sanrenmu really know how to heat treat it well (so take this steel to the max).
I am pleased with the edge retention and from the corrosion resistance.
- The design. From the first glance it does remind the Izula a lot, but has a different shape of the handle, the cutouts and the sheath, so although sharing similar concept - isn't a clone IMO.
- Great quality, fit and finish out of the box and in general.
- Awesome packaging. Comes with a neck chain as well.
- Price and incredible value.

- No gimping on the spine of the blade. Will add it myself or glue a piece of skateboard tape.
- Sanrenmu doesn't make G10/Micarta scales for it and I really think they should. Could make it even better.  Meanwhile I wrapped it with paracord to provide a better grip (works really well).
- The clip on the sheath is excellent, but makes the whole construction pretty thick.

- Overall this is an excellent option for a small budget EDC fixed blade (but could also be used in the outdoors).
The build quality and the concept give it a great value and you couldn't be wrong with one IMO.
Could also fit folks that wanted to try the Izula but passed due to the relatively high price.

Knife could be found here: Sanrenmu 7130 FUF-SF
There is also a black version available: Black Sanrenmu 7130
Also available on Amazon (faster US shipping): Sanrenmu 7130 on Amazon
Competitive option:
ESEE Izula

Video demo:

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