Best Budget Knives: First Voice Video + New Knives + Channel update!

Thursday, March 15, 2018

First Voice Video + New Knives + Channel update!

So this is going to be my first voice video and probably my first video over 5 minutes in length.

First of all I’d like to thank everyone who supported me and helped me reach 1000 subs in order to beat YouTube’s new partner program criteria, I really appreciate it you guys.

Second of all – I’d like to apologize for my bad English –  as many of you already know - it is not my first language and I honestly didn’t think it is going to be this hard for me to make these videos.

So, without further ado - The purpose of this video is going to be – tell you a bit about myself, give you an update on the direction the channel is heading, show you some of the newer and the older stuff that I got and to ask about your opinions and recommendations.

BTW – I will do a GAW soon to help me celebrate 1K subs and I would like to ask you a few questions about that. I already got a few options for the prize, but these are still unreviewed, so it will take a while till I’ll make a GAW video.

1. Few words about myself – First of all – Atech isn’t my real name obviously it is an abbreviation from A which is the first letter of my name and the word technology so it was supposed to be A-Tech – Reviews.

I study at a university so obviously don’t have lot’s of free time, live with my girlfriend and my dog Charlie.

If you follow my Instagram you’ve probably seen him – he also likes knives and gear very much and I will probably feature him on some of my videos as well.

Well I think this is enough information for now, I will probably tell you a bit more on the go.

OK, so let’s talk a bit about the direction of the channel:

I have tried for a really long time to make these voice videos, but it just didn’t seem natural to me, especially the “talking to the camera” part.

Well, gotta say – writing a script really helps that and makes it a lot easier, so if you are planning to make those in the future – consider at least writing the points that you want to talk  about and that will make your speech much more fluent.

Now – how do I see the channel.

Atech Reviews will be primarily a gear review channel, mostly knives and EDC related gear, but not only.

My intent is to make a series of videos about the knife hobby that aren’t really reviews but more on the philosophical side

I already have a few topics lined up, such as:

1. Knife Economics series – we’ll talk about the powers that shift the knife world, such as the marketing, pricing, value of knives over time, secondary market and more – really basic stuff, non academic, it is just going to be more of a conversation where I will state my own opinion backed up by some info and graphs and we will discuss it in the comments.

2. I will do a much postponed knife collection update with short explanations about every knife and not a silent one this time.

I really do have a lot of new knives, so I’d like to make a video before I let some of them go.

3. Of course we’ll talk about the fakes, clones as in more expensive clones, less expensive clones, homages, replicas and in between.
I just want to state that I’ve stepped back from the fakes as in I no longer order knives that have logos and names of other companies written on the knife and that could be mistaken for the  genuine knife and could be used to scam other less experienced users to thinking they are buying the real deal.

I’ll tell you about why in the video.
4. I’d also like to talk with you about such knife related issues as Knife Maintenance and sharpening and the tools we use to do these things as in sharpeners, bits, compounds, etc.

5. Knife steels – there definitely be a video about knife steels and their importance, I’ll probably talk about that when I’ll do the review of this bad boy – remind you that it is an undisputed champion of rope cutting.

6. Budget knives – oh, there is definitely be a video about that, especially about budget knives from the big brands and why I’m not really gaga over them.

7. There will be reviews of platforms that sell knives, such as eBay, GearBest ,AliExpress, DHGate and more – including tips and tricks that I’ve learned while shopping at these.
8. I maybe will do some Knife News bits that will focus on the Chinese and budget news – basically stuff you don’t see in the traditional news

9. I will try to regularly show EDC updates and Pocket Dumps, maybe some other dumps, I don’t know, just kidding, to show you what I carry and how I carry it.

10. Maybe some bits about knife reviews and other reviewers.

11. Oh yeah – Last but not least - definitely do a story about my first knife, how and why did I start with knives and review of the knife hobby in general.

Other than that – I hope I will get the chance to review some other gear as well such as :
- Other types of knives and bladed stuff

- flashlights
- watches (Do not get into watches ehh)
- vaping and how it helped me quit smoking
- My cellphone and other gadgets I use.
- maybe some pens and more

So, I hope you like this new format. If you do – please like this video, if no and you want to see the older silent version – please dislike this video and please write in the comment section under the video – What other topics would you like to see on the channel or what topic are you most interested in from the ones I’ve mentioned?
Plus – I’d like to hear your feedback on this video – video quality, lighting, my voice, my hands – everything that comes to mind – also please write down below and I’ll really appreciate it.

If you are still not subscribed – please do that by hitting the subscribe button and the small bell next to it to get updates on the videos, I remind you that there will be a GAW coming soon.

I will also leave links to my website, Instagram, Facebook and other social platforms in the video description.

Thanks so much for watching guys and I will see you soon on the next videos!


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