Best Budget Knives: Leatherman Squirt vs Gerber Dime Comparison

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Leatherman Squirt vs Gerber Dime Comparison

Sup guys, Atech here and welcome into another episode of “Battle of the budget tools” – the series where we compare 2 similar but different budget multi tools and knives.

And today we have 2 great contenders: 
1. In the blue corner, weighting 2 oz – the Leatherman Squirt PS4!
2. In the black corner, weighting 2.35 oz – the Gerber Dime!

Now I know there have been lots of comparisons between these 2 tools but believe me there is a reason why I’m doing this comparison and I will state it in the end.
Lets get right to the specs:

The Squirt comes right about 2.25 inches in the closed state, the Dime is slightly longer.

The thickness – as you can see the Dime is just a bit thicker.

The advantages of the Leatherman Squirt:
Better main blade, file, scissors, wide screwdriver, keyring.
1. Smaller, lighter, easier to carry
2. Better overall design, looks and quality.
3. Leatherman have better reputation and warranty.

The advantages of the Gerber Dime:
1. Bottle opener/cap lifter, extra blade, extra tweezers.
2. Comes with a coating (blacked out tool).
3. Tension could be adjusted (on newer version of the Leatherman as well).
4. Price, which brings me to the reason for making this video.
3 years ago, when everyone have compared these, the difference in price was between 5-10 dollars, so the Leatherman was obviously the better choice. Well now the Squirt costs 2.5 times more than the Dime tool, so it’s a totally different prospective now.

That brings us to summary:
Well, I think you wouldn’t be wrong with either.
Both tools are well made and will accomplish most of the tasks needed from a small EDC multitool (open a bottle, open a package, cut something, wheither if it’s with the scissors or with a knife, unscrew a screw, pry, scrape or hold something tight), so the differences between them really come down to semantics and nitpicks.
I’d say the Leatherman is the better tool overall, so if you are a perfectionist – this tool is definitely for you.
But, with todays prices – I think the Dime has better overall value and definitely has a place on the market as a budget alternative to the Leatherman.

Thanks for watching guys, if you liked the video please give it a thumbs up, links are in the description and please write in the comments which one would you prefer – the Leatherman Squirt or the Gerber Dime?

Leatherman could be found here: Leatherman Squirt Gerber Dime here: Gerber Dime
Again, thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next one.


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