Thursday, April 12, 2018


Sup guys, Atech here and welcome into an overview of the world’s smallest flipper knife – the HX Outdoors/Rike Knife EDC model.

Let’s jump into specs:
Closed size: ~ 2”/5 cm
Blade length: 1.8”/4.7 cm
Overall length: 3.5”/9 cm
Weight: let’s measure: 0.6 ounces/17 grams – that is insane!
We have titanium frame-lock with a steel insert (nicely done there), a titanium pocket clip and S35VN blade with a modified Tanto grind.
Let’s take a look at the packaging it comes in:
I was actually surprised by how good it is – we have a waterproof plastic case with a rubber outline, the knife comes with a steel chain to wear on the neck and a split ring to attach to the chain or your keys.
So yeah, great packaging especially considering the price.
It’s brother is the HX Armorhide.
As many already know – these knives are produced for HX Outdoors brand by RIKE knives, the high end Chinese manufacturer. If some of you still doesn’t believe me – I’ll post a link to the proof under the video.
This means we can trust the listed materials – the titanium and S35VN steel, because we know Rike use the same exact materials.
Now let’s see the quality:
  • The action: It’s actually pretty good, fires hard and fast.
    Needs a bit of adjusting to, but when you get the point it becomes quite easy.
    So – how do you achieve such a great action with such small and light blade?
    2 things – #1- a hard detent - just like many other Rike Knives
    #2 – tiny ball bearings that are caged in a bronze shell.
    The flipper tab is pretty small, but doesn’t serve as a pocket pecker.
    The cutout in the blade couldn’t be used to open with a thumb, but it is used to discreetly open the knife using both hands – great solution in my opinion.
    Next – centering is pretty much perfect.
Lockup – no blade play at all, not even a slightest wiggle.
Fit and finish – the titanium and the clip are anodized grey, all the machining is done with good amount of precision, the blade has 2 tone finish – very subtle stonewashing (almost looks like bead blasting) on the flats and satin finish on the grinds.
Ergonomics – Is comfortable as much as a 2” handle can be. You get a decent 2 finger grip and a nice place for your thumb in this area right here. If you attach it to a lanyard or your keys – the ergos will become even better.
Now let’s test the sharpness – reasonably sharp.
Now to the POU:
For me it is a small people friendly backup EDC blade that won’t take a lot of pocket real estate.
Plus it is a great conversation starter – especially with non-knife folks as people don’t see it as a weapon but a cute gadget.
But you can always attach it to your keys as a high end keychain knife or put it on the necklace and have it with you at all times.
Despite the size it is pretty capable. Maybe you couldn’t cut a salad with it, but other than that it can do lots of things, especially in an office environment, such as sharpen a pencil, cut a piece of paper, open a package, cut paracord and much more.
So, in conclusion, if you like small knives, or in search for a high end keychain/neck knife – I could definitely recommend it.
The link to the knife and the code for 20% off will be in the description under the video.
BTW – this was a limited run, so if you want one – get it before they sell out and don’t blame me later for not telling you.
Thanks for watching guys, if you liked the knife and the video – please give it a thumbs up and comment – which is currently the smallest knife in your collection.
Knife could be found here:
Knife is available here: HX Outdoors EDC-005A
20% off with code: out20off (all outdoor gear).
Competitive option:
Rike Hummingbird

I’ll see you on the next one, cheers!

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