Best Budget Knives: Sanrenmu Knives - News, Deals and New Models!

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Sanrenmu Knives - News, Deals and New Models!

Sanrenmu knives are well known to most knife folks.
This is an in-house brand of one of the largest knife producers out of China, which also make knives as an OEM factory for Spyderco, Kershaw, Boker+, Ruike, Real Steel and others.

Rumors are that Sanrenmu will soon discontinue a large part of their models, as they will rebrand the company into SRM Knives - higher end brand that will produce on a higher level, but also increase the prices + make new titanium models.
So many of the beloved Sanrenmu are already out of stock and many more will follow in the near future.
I've concentrated a few models which I think are worth to check out because of the great quality+value (I own most of these) and because I think these are worth to try out (especially if will be discontinued soon).

1) Sanrenmu 7130 - Budget Izula killer, great small all-around knife that will perform both outdoors and as a small EDC blade, is on Flash Sale now for a great price.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu 7130

Sanrenmu 7130

2) Sanrenmu 910 Plus - Declared by many as the best Sanrenmu knife ever and one of the budget knife Hall-of Famers (which I agree), the Sanrenmu 910 has great quality, action and usability and is on Flash Sale now (only the green version, the black sold out).
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu 910
Chris Reeve Sebenza is available here: Chris Reeve Sebenza
Full review could be found here:

3) Sanrenmu S611 - Another awesome fixed blade knife (I own it as well, will review soon), also is a great budget option, especially for folks with small-medium sized hands.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu S611

4) Sanrenmu Land 9046 - Great budget utility/rescue knife, one of the best options in this category, has good quality and additional features (glass breaker, locking strop cutter, wrench, safety lock).
I own it and also will review it soon.
Got mine from here: Sanrenmu LAND 9046

5) Sanrenmu S625 - New offering from Sanrenmu, small EDC fixed blade, has interesting original design plus comes with a few good looking color options.
Is available here: Sanrenmu S625

Hope this info will be helpful for you,
Thanks for checking it out.

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