Best Budget Knives: Ganzo F755 Design FAIL or Why there aren’t Benchmade Axis Knives with a finger choil?

Monday, May 28, 2018

Ganzo F755 Design FAIL or Why there aren’t Benchmade Axis Knives with a finger choil?

Sup guys, Atech here and welcome to another video in which I will show you an interesting design flaw I discovered on this knife – The Ganzo Firebird F7551 or the GanzoCleaver.

It is interesting because I saw quite a few knife reviews before I got this knife and I haven’t seen anyone raise this issue up to this date in any of them.

First I want to say a few things about the knife itself:

This is actually an original design from Ganzo, the latest in their original design run (3 in a row now) which are the FB760 and the F761. It has good quality – no bladeplay, smooth action and an interesting overall cleaver style shape.

The lock on it is the G-Lock – this is what Ganzo call their variant of the Benchmade’s AXIS lock, with the term AXIS being trademarked by Benchmade so couldn’t be used by other companies.

As widely known – the lock was also patented and couldn’t be used by other companies, but sadly for Benchmade the patent has expired a couple of years ago, so now every other company could make knives with this style of lock, just couldn’t call it the AXIS lock, with a couple of companies including Hogue and Massdrop already announced they will be making knives with a similar locking system.
I will leave all of the known info about the patent and the expiration in the comment section below.

The F7551 actually functions quite nicely – the blade is centered, no bladeplay, has smooth action on washers, pretty soft lock, so if it wasn’t for that small issue – I’d say it is one of my favorite Ganzo knives to date.

So what is the problem with it you ask.
Please watch the video for the explanation.

Knife is available here: Or here for faster US Shipping: Competitive option: Benchmade 550HG: Info on the Benchmade Patent expiration: Massdrop Perpetua: Hogue HK Line:

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