Best Budget Knives: Newest Ganzo Firebird Models FB762 and FB763 have reached Gearbest!

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Newest Ganzo Firebird Models FB762 and FB763 have reached Gearbest!

2 newest and highly anticipated Ganzo models - the FB762 and the FB763 have finally reached Gearbest and seem to be even better (IMO) than advertised by Ganzo a while before the release.

First of all they continue the line of original designs (although we can notice some influence from other knives, but that is practically inevitable in today's market), but not enough to be called clones and even homages.

Second of all - they continue to listen to their customers and FINALLY dropped the blue hardware that was kind of annoying at this point (still hope they will master black hardware some day) and installed deep carry pocket clips on the FB762.

And finally - the FB model name theory have been finally confirmed, so they do come with ball bearings in the pivot and have smooth action out of the box.

Check out the knives here (Specs in the lower right corner):

1. Ganzo Firebird FB7621

They have actually released one more model under the Firebird brand which is the Ganzo F713M (indicating that this is a part of their older series).
If you noticed this is actually an OEM version of another knife - the SOG Salute Mini, but without all of the SOG billboarding all over the knife (which is an advantage IMO).
At this point I have no doubt Ganzo are the OEM factory for SOG.
BTW - the full size (SOG Salute) version is also in the works.
Check the knife out here: Ganzo Firebird F713M

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